Thursday, 30 August 2012

Project on Hold but not Forgotten!

Unfortunately and fortunately, my summer has come to an end and the greater hours of my day must be dedicated to my graduate research. While I do not want to put the project on hold, I have little choice. Even dedicating only one hour a day will spill out into three or four and I cannot afford to do that–just when it was getting good! I ultimately decided, for now, to use a local webserver in order to generate dynamic webpages containing PNGs of the local conversation and so far my tests have been very successful.

For now, I plan to spend as little time in front of a computer as possible for the next several months.

I salute you, then, in peace, Internet.


  1. Hey, me and a bunch of other folks were interested in porting (or possibly rewriting) MS Comic Chat, and I stumbled across your blog. I was wondering if you could post the source of whatever progress you had so far somewhere, or at least the character and background graphics (since it looks like you'd managed to extract them successfully). Even though your hack wasn't done, it'd definitely be helpful to us versus starting from scratch.


    Karen Rustad (

  2. Hi Karen. So happy to hear about your project and glad you stumbled across my blog -- that's precisely what it's there for.

    I sent you an email. Keep in touch

    -A. R.

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